All Fun and Games? Why Gamification Might Become the Future of the Workplace

Did you know that only 19% of today’s workforce is satisfied with their job, and only 10% look forward to going to work every day? Why do you think that is? One of the most common thoughts is related to a deficiency in salary or compensation, which ultimately demotivates employees. Believe it or not, however, studies show that 70% of workers are more motivated by non-monetary rewards such as recognition, opportunities for growth and even having a job that is fun and exciting for them. So, how are employers trying to introduce greater senses of motivation to the workforce? For some, the answer is gamification [1].

Customer Relationship Management System. Interaction And GamificGamification, or the application of game-design elements and principles in non-game contexts, such as marketing, education and work [2]. Gamification has been used to improve employee productivity by simply including elements that are fun and provide recognition and growth. But don’t get confused; employees aren’t actually playing games while at work. So how does it work? In some gamification software applications, daily tasks are self-monitored to drive behavior and engagement. So, the motivation for employees come intrinsically, or naturally through one’s self. For example, instant recognition in situations of gamificaiton at work could be found after projects are completed faster and after training compliance is achieved. On the fun and growth side, employees will be engaging in things like progress missions, earning achievements, competing against associates and colleagues in the office and even around the country and completing thought-provoking challenges.

Cindy Ventrice, author of “Make Their Day! Employee Recognition ThatWorks,” believes that “workplace technology, such as gamification, provides many new opportunities for non-tangible recognition.” While many businesses and corporations have introduced gamification into the workplace, it can certainly become a future and permanent acquisition into the workplace in America and around the world as humans take steps to creating more efficient technology to improve human productivity.


[1] All facts and figures provided by Badgeville.


Badgers in Finance Trek to New York

IMG_5242Even as I attend UW-Madison, I often forget the size of our alumni network. Two weeks ago, however, I was able to see the extent of our network as I connected with many of our alumni working in the financial field in New York City through the Badgers in Finance Trek. This three day trek, put on by the College of Letters and Science Career Services, focused on exposing 14 underclassmen, like myself, to many different aspects of the financial field. This exposure came from various networking events and visits to five different firms in the city. The first night in New York, I attended an alumni event held at the New York Stock Exchange; while there I was able to network with Wisconsin graduates on the floor on the Stock Exchange before attending a program put on by Jeffrey Sprecher, the Chairman of the New York Stock Exchange and a graduate of the College of Engineering at Madison, and Chancellor Rebecca Blank. Throughout the next two days we visited with 6 firms: TD Securities, GF Capital Management & Advisors, TAG Associates, BNP Paribas, FTI Consulting, and Goldman Sachs—each of which specialize in different areas of the financial field from wealth management to restructuring to sales and trading. At each of these firms, a UW-Madison alumni met with us and discussed their position at their company, as well as how to prepare for internships with their companies.

I applied for this trip to learn more about the financial field as I am still undecided on my major. This trip exposed me to many different areas of this field, both through the networking events and the firm visits. I also gained a better understanding for the career path that I would travel if I were to enter into the financial field. Overall, this trip was an amazing experience that helped me discover the variety of positions available in the financial field, as well as allowing me to meet many alumni who can help me at every step of my journey.

-Marie Aguirre, LS undeclared student


Job Opportunities with EPIC for 2017 Grads!


Haven’t finalized any post-graduation professional plans yet? Start your career with Epic! Epic is looking for bright, driven individuals who are interested in having a career that makes a global impact in healthcare and technology. The following job opportunities available for soon-to-be graduates:

Project Manager: Be the face of Epic for our customers as you help implement Epic’s software across the country.

Software Tester: Does this mistaek drive you crazy? Make sure our software is user-friendly, bug-free, and ultimately improves patient care.

Trainer: We’ll teach you how to educate our customers and staff in designing, building, and maintaining software that improves patient care.

 Click on the job title for more information!

Job Shadow in Sales Opportunity during Summer


Would you like the opportunity to learn how to apply sales and category management skills in real business situations? Do you enjoy working with people? Would providing beneficial insights and recommendations to customers be exciting? Are you up for the experience?

We invite you to work with an Altria Territory Sales Manager! This opportunity will expose you to real business, communication and selling situations. You will learn how a Territory Sales Manager successfully manages a territory and partnerships with approximately 130 retail accounts representing about $15 million in annual sales.

Why consider AltriaAn internship/ full time position offers you responsibility Day One. You could manage some of the biggest brands and promotional programs right away. Don’t worry, there is best-in-class training and leadership development tailored to the individual to help you succeed.

Don’t just take our word on it… below is a quote from an L&S Alumni (2010), Sarah Hanson:

“I chose Altria because it offered more than an entry level job, it offered a career path. Altria also provided a competitive base salary and comprehensive benefits package which, quite frankly, was important to me. I remain with Altria because I am continually challenged with new roles and responsibilities, I am provided consistent training and skill development and I have developed a large network of supportive colleagues and friends.”

Who We Are: Altria Group is a Fortune 200* company headquartered in Richmond, Virginia. For more than 180 years, Altria’s companies have built some of the best-known brands in the world – Marlboro, Copenhagen, Skoal and Black & Mild – that today lead their respective categories.

Role of the Field Sales: Because our Field Sales Force focuses on customer contact to drive sales, our people’s skills make all the difference. These skills help us cultivate relationships and connect some of the world’s best-known brands with trade partners in lasting, collaborative efforts.

At Altria, talented leaders are trained to identify opportunities and provide solutions to retail trade and wholesale partners. Strong analytical and communication skills are critical to the success in our field sales force.

Our ultimate purpose is to grow both Altria’s tobacco companies’ and our customers’ businesses by promoting and demonstrating mutual success.

Job Shadowing Criteria:

*Freshman or Sophomore

*At least 18 years of age at the time of the job shadowing

*Students participating will be asked to sign a Job Shadowing waiver

Job Shadow Details:

*Plan to spend ½ a day with an Altria Territory Sales Manager in their territory

*Location of the Job Shadowing- Primarily Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota. Opportunities may exist in other locations; let us know if you are interested in other markets and where when applying.

*There may be opportunities to job shadow with a UW Alumni. If you’re interested, let us know when applying.

How to Apply on Buckynet: Search Job Postings: “Altria Sales Management Job Shadowing Opportunity” – Job ID: 121566

Submit Resume / Waiver – Contact for questions about resume and waiver

Student Spotlight: Grace Corry


Picture2NAME: Grace Corry
MAJOR: Political Science,
International Studies, French

1. What is your current internship and how have you applied coursework or classroom skills to your job? I am an intern in the Community Investment Department at American Family Insurance. There are a lot of ways that my coursework or classroom skills have been useful at my internship, but I think the most important skill that I’ve gained through class is knowing how to communicate my ideas in an effective manner.

2. How do you focus on academics and your studies while having an internship as well? Interning at American Family has been very flexible. I started as a summer intern and have been fortunate enough to continue through the school year. Now I work between 10-20 hours a week at American Family, depending on how much school or other extra-curriculars I have going on. My bosses know that school is important, so they always make it clear to me that although the work we’re doing is also important, focusing on school is a priority. I’ve been able to work remotely on certain days in order to get more done, which is very helpful.

3. What kind of advice would you offer to students who are currently looking for internships? My advice would be to use the resources available to you in order to ease the process of looking for internships. I found this opportunity while searching for internship opportunities in corporate social responsibility and
community involvement online. But I also know a lot of people who have found opportunities through BuckyNet or the Career & Internship Fair.

4. How do you prepare for interviews? I prepare for interviews by researching the company and coming up with my own questions about the job, culture, etc. I also prepare by reviewing a list of commonly asked interview questions and tailoring my responses to what I think would be asked for that particular position. I think it’s important to know what interests you about the company and the position so you can answer questions genuinely, even if they ask a question you didn’t anticipate.

5. What are your overall career goals? At this point, there are a lot of different career paths I’m interested in. I think the most important goal for me is to find a job where I feel like I am positively influencing the community and world around me.Picture3.png

Why does your food taste like that? FREE Site Visit

Kerry Group hosting a trip for L&S students

Kerry Group develops, manufactures and delivers the largest and most innovative portfolio of Taste and Nutrition Systems and Functional Ingredients and Actives for the global food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries.

Targeting these majors: Chemistry, Biochemistry, Biology, Microbiology, and Economics

With revenue exceeding $7.5 billion annually, and customers in 140 countries, they help develop products that delight and nourish consumers across the globe. Their flavors are used in food and pharmaceutical products you use every day!

Date: Friday, April 28, 2017

Time: Depart UW-Madison campus around 8:30am and return around 2pm. Transportation, refreshments, and lunch provided.

Location: Kerry Group Headquarters, Beloit, WI

Apply to attend site visit:

Space is limited so students must complete an online application to attend this site visit. Deadline is Friday, April 21, 2017 or until space if filled so sign up ASAP!

The application is short and simple!

Limited space: Only 25 students!
Preference given to early college students (1st or 2nd year) in the following majors and interest areas:
Letters & Sciences – Chemistry, Biochemistry, Biology, Microbiology, Economics

Questions? Contact Maureen Muldoon, L&S Career Services


Money for Internships- Deadline March 31!

Apply for the L&S Career Initiative and Career Services Summer Internship Scholarship! Awards range from $2000 – $5000 and are made possible through the generous donations from the Henderson-Reznick family, the Shinners family, and the Picus family.

Applications are due on March 31, 2017. Students may apply through their Scholarships@UW-Madison page.

• Must be a College of Letters & Science student
• Graduating in December 2017 or May/August 2018
• Must be in residence (on campus) for the 2017-2018 academic year
• Must have an internship offer prior to applying for scholarship
• Must be enrolled in a UW-Madison sponsored internship course (students are responsible for all fees associated with required course credits).
o Domestic Internships: Students are required to enroll in Inter-LS 260 or another approved UW-Madison internship course. Instructions about enrollment will be emailed to award recipients.
o International Internships: For internships occurring outside of the United States, students are required to work with the International Internship Program (IIP) to obtain academic credit. For more information:

Preference given to students seeking internships in the non-profit, humanitarian, scientific research or government sectors. Preference also given to students that have not had any internship experiences to date.