What Can I Find At The Public Service Fair?

Of all of our career fairs, the Public Service Fair may be the most confusing to students. After all, how do we define “Public Service”?  Is it all volunteer work? Are only nonprofits allowed? Is there a test to see if you’re a “good person” at the door?

Students can rest assured that the answer to all of these questions is a firm “no”. The Public Service Fair is a great resource for any student. The business of providing service takes many forms and requires many different roles and perspectives, which means that there truly is something for everyone at this fair. Opportunities for internships, full-time and part-time jobs, and volunteer work will all be present among the 78 employers attending this Spring. To give you a better idea of what you’ll be able to find at Union South from 3-6 PM on January 27th, here’s a list of some of the kinds of work representing public service at this fair.

  • Public Sector –  Government isn’t just politics. Someone has to execute the laws and programs! If you’re looking for an entry-level job to get experience in an office setting, working with data, being face-to-face with people, or working for a cause you believe in, the public sector can be a good place to start. The State Department of AdministrationIllinois Department of Child and Family Services, and the Dane County Sheriff’s Office are just a few of the government entities represented at the fair this year, which shows the wide range of opportunities this field can provide.
  • Camps – Want to get away for a bit this summer while still earning money and experience? You may want to take a look at the camps visiting the Public Service Fair. Camp Anokijig and Camp Whitcomb/Mason, both located in Wisconsin, are looking for counselors as well as administrators to help with their operations for children, and the Easter Seals organization is looking for help in their camps for the disabled.
  • Teaching – If you like to teach at all, the Public Service Fair is where you need to be. There will be a number of organizations looking for tutors and mentors for their target audiences, as well as education-focused organizations such as Teach for America and City Year. If you want experience working with children or helping a specific group with education, the Public Service fair has many opportunities for you. In addition, if you have foreign language skills or an interest in working outside the US, there will be a workshop on teaching English abroad at 4 PM elsewhere in Union South.
  • Caregiving – Taking care of people isn’t just a medical field. A holistic care experience requires excellent communication, problem-solving, and work ethic. If you have what it takes, caregiving can be a very rewarding experience with a huge payoff for your interpersonal skills. Check out some of the assisted-living centers looking for help at the fair if this is something that interests you!
  • Working with Animals – If you’re an animal lover, the Public Service Fair has a few great opportunities for you. If you’re concerned about the care and adoption of animals, the Dane County Humane Society has internships available in a variety of roles, from marketing to wildlife rehabilitation. The I Am Magic Foundation is looking for help with their horse-based wellness programs to help veterans and children who have experienced emotional trauma. Even the Henry Vilas Zoo will be represented at the fair, offering internships, jobs, and volunteer positions.
  •  Peace Corps – You may not know this, but UW-Madison currently has the second-most graduates participating in the Peace Corps of any university in the country. If you’re interested in continuing this proud tradition of Badgers serving all over the world, talk to a representative while at the Public Service Fair and find out how you can participate in a truly unique and important experience.

These are just a few of the categories of work that will be represented at the Public Service Fair. If any of these interest you, or you want to see what other opportunities you can find, check out the list of employers that have registered on BuckyNet or stop by Union South from 3-6 PM on Wednesday, January 27th, to visit the fair for yourself.

There will also be 2 special information sessions going on around Union South: An Alumni Panel discussing nonprofit careers, and a workshop on the opportunity to teach English abroad! Descriptions and times for these events can be found here. Don’t miss out on this unique opportunity to see all the ways you can use your skills to serve others who need it.

The Public Service Fair is organized by the Letters and Science Career Services Office and the Morgridge Center for Public Service. Make sure to check out both for more information on how to make a career out of serving the public good.


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