Student Spotlight: Kevin Bannerman Hutchful




NAME: Kevin Bannerman Hutchful
YEAR IN SCHOOL: Senior (5th Year)
MAJOR: Economics, Certificate in Computer Science

Career goals: I have aspirations to work in the tech industry, particularly Silicon Valley in California. For a while I’ve had a massive interest in the design and development aspects of technology, which led me to explore Software Engineering and User Experience design as potential career paths. I also have a passion for working with people and using empathy to understand and improve lives through technology. Ultimately, these interests led me to seek a career in Product Management, a career I’m grateful to say I can fulfill next year at Intuit.

How did you first hear about Letters and Sciences Career Services? I first heard about Letters and Sciences Career Services from an academic adviser as a freshman. It’s a resource I never really took advantage of when I was younger because I didn’t predict how much I would need it. In my junior year -when I realized my cover letters had the depth and quality of a 2nd grader’s colouring book- I started going to the office and greatly reaped the benefits.

How do you think your experiences with our office have helped prepare you for the future? I recently received and accepted an offer to work for Intuit as a Product Manager post-graduation, so I’d say it definitely helped! I received a lot of guidance while applying for full-time positions and reaching out to recruiters. It was especially helpful to get advice on constructing cover letters and tips to quickly write multiple letters for different companies. It can be a tiring process and they helped me save a lot of time/stress. Mock interviews were also super important for me, my career advisers helped me refine my responses and pick up on positive and negative things I didn’t notice about myself. I built a lot of confidence practicing with them, and this helped me crush my interviews.

What do you think the benefits of the Career Services Office are to students?
I cannot overstate how important it was for me to come to your office. Working with my amazing adviser Robyn was such a good experience for me. Everyone there is super nice and genuinely cares about your future. They provide all the services you’ll need as a student looking for work opportunities: they’ll help you look over your resume, edit your cover letters and facilitate mock interviews. They’ll get you into the mode of using the right language and asking the essential questions when communicating with employers. Also, their front desk has free candy, so there’s that. Their office was a massive resource to me and there are definitely way more benefits than what I’ve listed/experienced.

What advice would you give to other students?
Be proactive. A lot of people don’t realize, especially early on, the value of investing in your career during the early stages of college. I lucked out in getting my first internship last-minute my junior year. Start doing the research, take a look at your strengths and what brings you satisfaction and let that guide you in your career choice. Don’t be afraid to explore because it’s only when we leave our comfort zones that we learn new things about ourselves. Take advantage of as many resources as you can like the Career Fair, advising services, networking opportunities and websites like BuckyNet, AngelList and LinkedIn (I did my fair share of recruiter stalking). Always reach out for help, and most importantly don’t lose hope. Trying to find employment can sometimes feel like a marathon, but build that stamina. Keep applying, keep improving in whatever ways you can and don’t stop until you get there. It’ll always work out if you’re willing to pull out all the stops. Especially with the support and guidance of everyone at the Letters and Sciences Career Services.



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