Student Spotlight: Maddie Peters


NAME: Maddie PetersMaddie.png
MAJOR: Biology and English

1. How did you first hear about Letters & Science Career Services? Unfortunately, I didn’t learn about the incredible services of Letters & Science Career Services until my junior year. I began volunteering as a Career Peer Ambassador, which allowed me to explore all the advising opportunities available to L&S students. Before this discovery, I felt overwhelmed and frustrated trying to craft important documents, such as resumes and cover letters, without proper guidance. I had previously heard of career services being offered through the University, but with the abundance of departments and schools, I struggled to access these resources. Understanding the availability of specific career advising and mock interviews has greatly helped me pursue my professional goals over the previous two years- I only wish I would have taken advantage of this valuable resource sooner!

2. What L&S Career Services program or service did you participate in? After my belated realization of all the opportunities available at L&S Career Services, I wanted to encourage other students to take advantage of these resources as early as possible. I began volunteering as a Career Peer Ambassador to spread awareness of L&S Career Services. Creating and gathering documents for your first professional job application is overwhelming. I know many people who prolonged applying to jobs simply because of the stress of this initial obstacle. Therefore, I wanted other students to feel supported earlier in their undergraduate career. Through the program, I attended many events to provide information and answer questions about L&S Career Services.

3. How do you think your experiences with our office have helped prepare you for the future? My experience with the office helped me find an internship that suited my very specialized interests in Biology and English. The advisors develop a personal relationship with you that allows them to offer individualized advice and job opportunities. Shaylea, an advisor, knew my background and career goals, and frequently forwarded me job opportunities and class openings that she knew would interest me. She even alerted me of an internship at Covance as a medical editor. I had never before heard of the field of medical writing and was immediately intrigued. I spent the summer interning with Covance and am still working there as a part-time employee. Without Shaylea, I never would have found this opportunity.

4. What advice would you give to other students? I would encourage other students to take advantage of these resources earlier in their undergraduate careers. Advisors have access to a lot of job opportunities and knowledge. The sooner you start to build a relationship with a specific advisor, the more individualized help they can offer you. Also, learn the basics of professional development and start drafting a resume early. You don’t need to know exactly what you want to do, but having that foundation will make the job search and application process much less intimidating.

5. What are your overall career goals? I will be attending the University of Minnesota Medical School this fall to obtain my M.D. I want to practice holistic medicine with a focus on mental health advocacy. My well-rounded education in the College of Letters of Science has helped me cultivate the balanced and flexible mindset necessary for these goals.



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