Student Spotlight: Grace Corry


Picture2NAME: Grace Corry
MAJOR: Political Science,
International Studies, French

1. What is your current internship and how have you applied coursework or classroom skills to your job? I am an intern in the Community Investment Department at American Family Insurance. There are a lot of ways that my coursework or classroom skills have been useful at my internship, but I think the most important skill that I’ve gained through class is knowing how to communicate my ideas in an effective manner.

2. How do you focus on academics and your studies while having an internship as well? Interning at American Family has been very flexible. I started as a summer intern and have been fortunate enough to continue through the school year. Now I work between 10-20 hours a week at American Family, depending on how much school or other extra-curriculars I have going on. My bosses know that school is important, so they always make it clear to me that although the work we’re doing is also important, focusing on school is a priority. I’ve been able to work remotely on certain days in order to get more done, which is very helpful.

3. What kind of advice would you offer to students who are currently looking for internships? My advice would be to use the resources available to you in order to ease the process of looking for internships. I found this opportunity while searching for internship opportunities in corporate social responsibility and
community involvement online. But I also know a lot of people who have found opportunities through BuckyNet or the Career & Internship Fair.

4. How do you prepare for interviews? I prepare for interviews by researching the company and coming up with my own questions about the job, culture, etc. I also prepare by reviewing a list of commonly asked interview questions and tailoring my responses to what I think would be asked for that particular position. I think it’s important to know what interests you about the company and the position so you can answer questions genuinely, even if they ask a question you didn’t anticipate.

5. What are your overall career goals? At this point, there are a lot of different career paths I’m interested in. I think the most important goal for me is to find a job where I feel like I am positively influencing the community and world around me.Picture3.png


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