All Fun and Games? Why Gamification Might Become the Future of the Workplace

Did you know that only 19% of today’s workforce is satisfied with their job, and only 10% look forward to going to work every day? Why do you think that is? One of the most common thoughts is related to a deficiency in salary or compensation, which ultimately demotivates employees. Believe it or not, however, studies show that 70% of workers are more motivated by non-monetary rewards such as recognition, opportunities for growth and even having a job that is fun and exciting for them. So, how are employers trying to introduce greater senses of motivation to the workforce? For some, the answer is gamification [1].

Customer Relationship Management System. Interaction And GamificGamification, or the application of game-design elements and principles in non-game contexts, such as marketing, education and work [2]. Gamification has been used to improve employee productivity by simply including elements that are fun and provide recognition and growth. But don’t get confused; employees aren’t actually playing games while at work. So how does it work? In some gamification software applications, daily tasks are self-monitored to drive behavior and engagement. So, the motivation for employees come intrinsically, or naturally through one’s self. For example, instant recognition in situations of gamificaiton at work could be found after projects are completed faster and after training compliance is achieved. On the fun and growth side, employees will be engaging in things like progress missions, earning achievements, competing against associates and colleagues in the office and even around the country and completing thought-provoking challenges.

Cindy Ventrice, author of “Make Their Day! Employee Recognition ThatWorks,” believes that “workplace technology, such as gamification, provides many new opportunities for non-tangible recognition.” While many businesses and corporations have introduced gamification into the workplace, it can certainly become a future and permanent acquisition into the workplace in America and around the world as humans take steps to creating more efficient technology to improve human productivity.


[1] All facts and figures provided by Badgeville.


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