What Happens During a Drop-In?


By Marcie Waters

At Letters & Science Career Services (LSCS), drop-ins are short, 15-20 minute sessions that are perfect for quick questions and simple resume or cover letter review. No appointment necessary!

They take place Monday through Friday, from 1-3pm in the Middleton Building. LSCS also offers extended drop-in hours on Tuesdays from 4-5:30 for students who can’t make the regular drop-in hours. (No extended hours during spring break). With so many time slots available, there is really no excuse for not utilizing this service!

If you have never been to a drop-in before, you may not know what to expect. I stopped by for a drop-in to get my resume reviewed before the career fair. I first checked in at the office on the first floor, where I filled out an iPad form. This alerts the advisors upstairs that a drop-in has arrived. I went upstairs to the LSCS office, where I awaited my turn. I was able to meet with Shaylea, a career advisor who specializes in the humanities. She looked over my resume, commenting on the good parts, pointing out which parts could be improved, and explaining how I might improve them. We talked about strategies for bettering my section headings and layout. Shaylea also provided me with some helpful handouts to aid me in revising my resume. Recently, I had to bring in my resume for a class assignment and was complimented on how successful it was. I know that without Shaylea’s revisions, my resume would not have received such compliments. My drop-in appointment had paid off.

Of course, resume review is not the only service that LSCS offers during their drop-ins. They will also review cover letters or answer simple career and internship-related questions. I recommend giving drop-ins a try if you have any doubts about your resume or cover letter.